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PPP Investors Roundtable Invitation (Chisinau, April 27)


The information supplied at the International Conference (the "Conference") public and is provided as part of the evaluation materials, for informational purposes and is not legally binding in any jurisdiction. No representation nor guarantee, implicit or explicit, is made in this document and no responsibility of any kind is or will be acknowledged by any of the Government of Moldova ("GoM") or the International Finance Corporation ("IFC"), in relation to the accuracy or definitive content of the Conference, and no responsibility in relation to the use of the information supplied at the Conference. The GoM reserves the right to rectify, modify, re-issue or cancel any information supplied at the Conference at any time, without prior justification or warning. The information supplied at the Conference does not constitute, in any case, either a request for tender, or the expression of a preference or a guarantee of any kind whatsoever on any tender in a forthcoming auction or similar negotiation. Each of the GoM or IFC declines any responsibility for any content of any document supplied. Tender documents, if any, will be distributed separately. The Conference is not part of the tender documents. For all intents and purposes, the information contained in any tender documents will supersede the information distributed at the Conference.

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